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Poster: Coppletank Date: Apr 28, 2019 9:40am
Forum: texts Subject: Deleting Favorites

All of my favorites are texts, and that's the reason I'm posting this message here in the Texts Forum.

The instructions for deleting favorites set forth in the FAQ do not work for all deletions. Of course, after clicking on "Remove Favorites" the red "X's" do appear and, if you click on a red "X" that particular title will disappear.

The problem is that in an appreciable number of instances that disappearance will be temporary. It may last until you sign in again. It may last several days. But for a sizeable minority of deletions there are some titles that just will not stay deleted.

I've experimented with all kinds of strategies to try to permanently erase the undead favorites. None work. I've deleted one single title and then immediately turned off "Remove favorites" and signed out of the Archive. That doesn't work. I've done the same except leaving "Remove favorites" untouched and then signed out. Doesn't work. I've done everything I can think of and none work.

Understand, again, that a majority of deletions *do* work; the titles *stay* deleted after a deletion. But for a significant minority of titles, all closer to the end of my favorites list, the books keep coming back.

Does anyone reading this have any tested, proven strategy for deleting any favorite (other than simply deleting the entire favorites list)? Is there some secret sauce involved here? Does the app itself need a tweak? Is there someone connected with the Archive who does not read this forum who might have at least part of the answer with whom I should communicate?

Any helpful responses would be much appreciated!